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Flanders Festival Orchestra

FLANDERS FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA is a production company and symphonic orchestra founded within the popular open-air concert series Klassiek in het Park, Klassiek aan Zee, Klassiek aan de Schelde and Klassiek aan de Mijn.

The high quality of these concerts results from the individual talent of our professional musicians and an intensive selection process for each new production.

The FLANDERS FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA is assembled with the best active musicians from Flanders. Orchestral musicians in Flanders have an excellent reputation, and a project orchestra serves is a fantastic creative bridge between freelancers and regular orchestra members.

The FLANDERS FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA is curated by a professional team that has been organizing musical talent for professional productions with live musicians since 25 years. We cast, contract, and guide soloists, orchestras, and guest conductors with a dedicated production team. In the ever-evolving cultural landscape, harnessing independent talent becomes increasingly vital, injecting enthusiasm and joy into our productions.

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Bringing culture to life

As a production company we're weaving the future of the arts. Join us on this harmonious adventure - where music, production and innovation converge. Welcome to the symphony of life with Flanders Festival Orchestra!


Our House


is a production company and symphonic orchestra based in Antwerp. Since 2000 our team has been organizing musical talent for productions involving live musicians.


We serve as producers and/or investors for live concerts, musical, opera, film & TV projects. Over the past 30 years, the team has built a unique local and international network of musicians, conductors, soloists, technicians, and suppliers across various musical disciplines.

With their expertise provides the perfect casting and makes a significant impact on the musical quality of a production.


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